A wide variety of quality control sensors and equipment from Innosen for your ends to avoid quality issues down the line.

IS310 UV Logger Image

Double Sheet Detector

Protects your welders from contaminated margins – also against drops of clear lacquer.

Hoverprobe Image

Missing Lacquer Detector

Protects against missing lacquer on coated sheets.

SI9100 Image

Semi-Automatic Enamel Rater

High resolution electronics with advanced test monitoring features in a rugged waterproof casing.

IS902TMR End Adapter for Enamel Rater

End Adapter for Enamel Rater

For checking the coating porosity on a wide range of ends, caps, cones, domes, rivets and flat sheets of different types, materials, and sizes.

IS9025 EOE Rivet Adapter for Enamel Rater

EOE Rivet Adpater for Enamel Rater

Specially designed for measuring the coating porosity of the tiny “rivet area” of an easy-open end (EOE).

IS310 UV Logger Image

Tab Verifier

Detects double shell and missing tab on conversion press. Small and modular, compatible with both aluminium and steel.

Hoverprobe Image

End Counting Sensor

Achieve reliable and highly accurate end counts.

SI9100 Image

End light tester for easy open ends ELTP

100% Light testing for leaks on easy open ends on the conversion press.

Ends, Caps and Sheet Adapter Image

End Gap Control System

Maintains optimum end gap with line speed control.

IS310 UV Logger Image

Flat belt conveyor end sensor

Detects aluminium and steel ends while being conveyed on a flat belt conveyor.

Hoverprobe Image

Micro leak detector

On or off-line sample tester for detecting micro leaks in converted ends.

SL2000 Image

Oven Logger for 3pc canmaking lines

Record curing profiles in can making ovens during normal production.


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