Double Sheet Detector


Improved protection for slitter and sheet fed presses against damage from double sheets

A fully self-contained sensor that automatically calibrates during plate changes giving true ‘fit-and-forget’ double sheet protection.


  • Increased Line Efficiency
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Reduced Costs
  • Easy Install
IS231 Double Sheet Detector

“We use Innosen double sheet sensors on multiple machines. They have made a big difference to our productivity and product quality. Delays and costs from coatings issues and machine damage from double sheets have been significantly reduced. We would not run the line without them.”

Quality Manager

A Major Canmaking Plant in Spain


  • No Adjustment
  • No Buttons or Dials
  • No Extra Counters or Control Boxes
  • No Programming
  • No Operator Intervention
  • No Maintenance
  • No Risk of Wrong Settings
  • No Doubts


A poorly set sensor will compromise double sheet protection. Intelligent calibration routines make sure that the IS231 sensors are already functional after the first sheet has passed through.

Increased Line Efficiency

Machines will have the best possible protection against damage from double fed sheets. Line downtime to correct damage from double feeds will be eliminated; so too will maintenance time for adjustments to the double sheet protection devices.

Reduced Costs

The IS231 is a self-contained system, requiring only a pair of sensing heads to be fitted. The heads are made from rugged stainless steel and all electronics are fully encapsulated for a lifetime of operation in the toughest factory environment.

Easy Install

All electronics are totally enclosed inside the sensor body so there is no need for any additional control boxes. Installation is neat and straightforward. As shipped, the IS231 sensors will work in almost all applications.

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