With the help of the IS240 Tab Verifier, you can easily find incomplete ends on your conversion presses in just 2 milliseconds!

For each lane, 1 sensor pair is installed at the infeed of the press and other at the outfeed of the press.

Meanwhile, the controller box with key cards inside, comes with multicolored signaling system for easy reading.

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✅ Faster movement of ends

✅ Easier tracking of production faults

✅ Prevent from damaging tooling due to missing shells

✅ Avoid downtime


Easy to Install
For each lane, two sensors are installed at the infeed and two at the outfeed of the press, with two electronic cards fitted into the controller. Transmitter sensors are fitted above the conveyor belt and receivers below. Shells should pass approximately 5mm (0.2”) above the receiver sensors.
Quick Calibration

Both a global and a local re-calibration inputs are available. The local input starts calibration only on the selected sensor, while the global input works for the entire system. These inputs give the possibility of using the line control system or an external switch to decide when to initiate calibration.

Compact Design

The IS240 Tab Verifier sensor have been specially engineered with short and narrow casing for easy fitting into the available space on a typical press (see illustration opposite). The control box with its easy to read signalling system is similarly compact for convenient mounting.

Modular System

The IS240 Tab Verifier is a modular system allowing inspection on up to four lanes with one controller. For each shell, the system gives a good and/or bad output signal. Error checks are performed continuously and if any system fault is found, the warning output is activated. Plug-in modules on the controller allow operators to quickly re-route inputs while a fault is being diagnosed, which helps to keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.


System Components: Controller, key cards, sensors, and cables
Dimension:Controller: 20.2cm (7.95”) x 12.1cm (4.76”) x 5.5cm (2.16”) | Sensors: 4.4cm (1.73”) x 2.38cm (0.94”)
Measurement Range: 0.01 to 0.03cm (0.004” – 0.012”)
Response Time:2 milliseconds or better
Operation Speed:Up to 1000 strokes per minute
Installation:Mounted at the infeed and outfeed of the conversion press
Environmental protection rating:IP67 (sensors) IP20 (controller)


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