Flat Belt End Conveyor Sensors

9-360-51SS / 11R-360-51SS

Detect aluminium and steel ends while being conveyed on a flat belt conveyor

Primarily for die protection in high speed press conveyor systems

ELTP can normally be installed on any press that makes round food or beverage ends from 112 to 603 / 44.5mm – 153mm in size using belt pocket transfer. Other sizes and non-round shapes can also be considered for installation with specially designed adaptations.


  • Die protection
  • Positive end detection
  • Robust design
  • Maintenance free
Official Sencon Product

Positive End Detection

Special circuitry and tuning enables the end to be detected but not the steel bed beneath the conveyor belt. A specially tailored narrow sensing field also reduces the effect of side metal.


Robust Design

Slim ‘pancake’ style housing and rugged stainless steel construction give these sensors a long life and great reliability.

Maintenance Free

The use of inductive sensing technology eliminates the need for maintenance.

Additional Benefits

These sensors can also be used for part tracking, inspection system triggering and jam detection.



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