Plain Margin Inspector


Protects your welders from contaminated margins

Reliably detects contaminants on the margin of coated / printed sheets
plain margin sensor

Benefits – Reduce Risk of

■ Costly customer complaints

■ Quality issues

■ Production downtime

■ Poor weld quality

■ Broken weld wire / weld rolls


On slitter

■  Close to cutting roll

Product Video

Felimon Dexter Chua

Senior Vice President, Oriental Tin Can and Metal Sheets Manufacturing

Risk Reduction

The IS610 prevents downtime and the costs associated with the contamination in the weld margin. Lacquer and other contaminants in the margin may also cause can leakage later due to bad quality welding of the can cylinder.

Detects Contamination in the Margin

Apart from lacquer, the sensor is also capable of detecting patches of rust, water marks, and oil/ grease compounds present in the margin that could result in quality issues.


The Plain Margin Inspector has a built-in algorithm to self-adjust the levels and calibrate the operating parameters on the first few sheets that it sees after a programmable period of inactivity.

Clear Lacquer and Varnishes

Detecting clear lacquer on metal sheets at line speed is particularly challenging. The highly capable IS610 Plain Margin Inspector has been especially developed to meet this requirement, while still performing perfectly on all coloured coatings and varnishes.


  • Self-calibrating and auto-learning
  • Detects any type of lacquer including clear ones
  • Detects presence of other contaminants (e.g., grease/oil, rust, watermarks) on the margin
  • Built-in alignment tool
  • Special mounting kit for easy installation

Multi-colour status indicator

  • Output pulse duration
  • Bad sheet
  • Good sheet

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