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A Canmaker’s Ultimate Solution for Ensuring Fully Lacquered Sheets

Published: June 2024

Weary of the uncertainty surrounding the lacquering process of your sheets?

When it comes to quality control, every detail matters, especially when both sides of your sheets are supposed to have lacquer.

  • But how can you be certain that both sides are truly lacquered?
  • What if one side of the sheet receives double lacquer while the other side remains unlacquered?
  • What if the wrong side of the sheet is lacquered?
  • What if that sheet is not fully lacquered?

So many ‘what ifs’ you need to control…

That’s where Innosen’s Missing Lacquer Detector IS651 comes to the rescue!

With the IS651 Missing Lacquer Detector, you can say goodbye to the uncertainty surrounding the lacquering process and ensure consistent quality throughout your production line.

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Here’s how Innosen’s solution enhances quality control in different applications:


Lacquer Starvation: The IS651 sensor detects sheets that partially overlap during the lacquering process. This problem happens when the day tank is not topped up or refilled on time.

For deep draw presses: In deep draw presses, our IS651 sensor plays a crucial role in preventing tooling damage. It verifies that the base plate is fully lacquered or coated, safeguarding the integrity of the pressing process and minimizing costly repairs.

For crown cap presses: For crown cap presses, the IS651 sensor ensures that the base plate is properly lacquered or coated. This guarantees that the sealing gasket adheres securely to the cap, preventing leakage.

Lacquered on the correct side: In can lines, the IS651 detects blanks that are lacquered/coated on the wrong side. By identifying inverted or inside-out cans, it helps you maintain packaging integrity and avoid unnecessary spoilage.

Don’t leave the lacquering process to chance! Invest in the reliability and accuracy of the Innosen Missing Lacquer Detector IS651.

Ensure that both sides of your sheets are genuinely lacquered, preventing serious problems in your production and maintaining the highest quality standards.

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