Compound Lining Gun Control


Improve triggering of electro-pneumatic guns on static compound lining machines

Minimize compound extrusions

Gain considerable improvement in the consistency and precision of electro-pneumatic guns on static compound lining machines by using Sencon’s LST22 high speed, high precision solenoid drivers.

Maximize liner efficiency

Official Sencon Product


  • Better sealant placement
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce downtime from contamination
  • Reduce waste
  • Lower costs

Precise timing, sharp triggering

Compound lining on formed ends needs to be precisely timed with sharp, clean triggering and cut-off, otherwise it can leave residual compound extrusions or “tailing”. This is not only wasteful of expensive sealant, it can also cause contamination problems and machine downtime further down the line.

Electro-pneumatic guns

Mechanical guns are particularly vulnerable to this sort of problem because they are difficult to control with precision. Electropneumatic guns with an accompanying solid state solenoid driver give better control over sealant placement and improved end product quality.

Carefully calibrated solenoid control

Sencon’s LST22 spray timer is ideally suited to maximize the efficiency of electro-pneumatic guns on stationary end liners. Originally developed to overcome solenoid latency on internal spray applications for beverage cans, the LST22 uses a carefully calibrated application of power to the solenoid to deliver tight and consistent opening and closing of the gun nozzle.