Sheet Translation Measurement


Adds protection against laterally displaced coating by detecting sheet misalignment at the coater

Add-on to the IS415 Sheet Skew Measurement System

IS430 Sheet translation measurement

“TRANSLATION” — Skew or slight rotation of sheets as they go through the coater is not the only problem that can occur with sheet alignment and coating placement. Some sheets will also miss the side guide when entering the rollers and so drift sideways or ‘translate’.


  • Process Improvement
  • Reduced Spoilage
  • Reduced Machine Downtime
  • Better Can Quality
  • Self-adjusting and self-learning
  • Easy alignment for faster changeovers
  • High speed accuracy allows 100% inspection
IS430 Sheet Translation Measurement

Reduced Spoilage

If weld margins are not square and aligned properly, the chances of wire breakage at the welder are significantly increased. So when sheet alignment is monitored, the occurrence of misplaced lacquer in the weld area is minimized and the resulting effects on the welding process are reduced.

Reduced Machine Downtime

The downtime caused by weld wire breakage is out of all proportion to the original cause of the problem. Using the IS430 option with the IS415 to check both the ‘squareness’ and lateral alignment of sheets at the coater significantly reduces weld wire breakages and its associated downtime.

Better Can Quality

By ensuring proper sheet alignment, your end customers will see an increase in quality of the product they receive, with far fewer problems caused by poor welds and faulty internal coating.

Process Improvement

The IS415/ IS430 (see also the IS450 option) combination also gives you all the tools you need for a comprehensive coating process improvement program. By cutting out the need for manual measurements and giving immediate feedback as sheets go through the roll, the IS415 / IS430 combined system enables:

  • Quicker changeovers
  • Reliable roll Alignment
  • Faster production rates without the risk of extra scrap

By continuously monitoring and analysing data, as well as giving predictive warnings before problems occur, the IS415 / IS430 combined system also helps to:

  • Make effective process improvements
  • Promote better operator training
  • Increase plant efficiency

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