Coating Thickness Gauge


Rapid and accurate assessment of lacquer film weight of internal and external coatings

Quick, reliable readings right on the factory floor, so test frequencies can be increased at no extra cost.


  • Reduced lacquer consumption
  • Better operating efficiencies
  • Lower spoilage
  • Make effective process improvements
  • Easy to use straight out of the box
  • Quick calibration
  • Custom channel calibration
SI9600 Coating Thickness Gauge

Reduced Lacquer Consumption

With its exact calibration system, bringing improved accuracies, film weight data will be precise, leading to improved control and potentially lower film weight targets.

Better Operating Efficiencies

The gauge features microprocessor control, digital readouts and data output. This enables rapid yet accurate operation, reducing unproductive operator time and allowing quicker machine setups.

Lower Spoilage

Modern electronic circuitry packaged in a corrosion proof polyurethane case with a waterproof polyester fascia ensures maximum reliability and durability out on the factory floor. Because the gauge is also quick to operate, test frequencies can be increased at no additional cost. Problems and trends will be identified earlier, reducing the amount of bad product made on the line.


Easy to Use Straight Out of the Box

  • Soft-touch keys for accurate data entry
  • Quick connections
  • Default Icon Mode
  • Optional Text Mode
  • Multi-language support: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
  • Powerful configuration, data storage and output options, including:
  • 120 User defined coating ‘Custom Channels’
  • 50 Preset coating ‘Fixed Channels’

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