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Need an enamel rater that can handle those extra-large cans?

Published: February 2023

Our innovative IS9015XXL Large Can Stand is specifically designed to accommodate the dimensions of oversized containers. With its ultra-strong enamel rater adapter, titanium probes, and robust base, you can confidently tackle any enamel rating challenge.


Drums and Pails? No Problem!

Innosen has you covered when it comes to drums and pails too! Our comprehensive range includes enamel raters tailored to handle these containers of various sizes. Innosen offers a complete range of enamel raters, making it convenient and efficient to equip your enamel rating facility. No matter the size or shape of your containers, we have the perfect solution for you.

Experience unparalleled accuracy with our enamel rater’s corrosion-proof Titanium Probes, ensuring consistently precise measurements every time.
Revolutionize your enamel rating process with the advanced semi-automatic feature. Effortlessly measure entire batches without the need to press a single key on the gauge, streamlining your workflow and maximizing efficiency.

IS9015XXL Drums and Pails (1)
IS9015XXL Drums and Pails (2)

Check out:

The IS9024 Electrolyte Management System – your solution for handling electrolyte during enamel rating of large cans, drums, and pails. This semi-automatic equipment streamlines the process, ensuring efficient and precise results.

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