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FIRST AND ONLY IN THE MARKET: Innosen’s newest sensor offers protection against lacquer defects on side seams

Published: March 6, 2023

Innosen, which stands for Innovative Sensors, continues to bring more innovations in the metal packaging industry as it launches the IS670 Missing Side Seam Lacquer DetectorTHE FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE MARKET.

Innosen always takes up challenges and has pledged to dedicate its team to coming up with the most innovative solutions for its clients. That is why over the years, the company has striven to produce sensors that offer full protection to 3pc-cans such as the IS231 Double Sheet Detector, IS651 Missing Lacquer Detector and IS631 Inverted Blank Detector.

The IS670 Missing Side Seam Lacquer Detector is yet another sensor that protects can makers from getting the worst customer complaints they could ever get — leaking cans!

The IS670 Missing Side Seam Lacquer Detector is designed to detect a completely missing external lacquer and an incomplete or non-lacquered gap on the side seam of the can.

A side stripe is a transparent lacquer applied on the external side seam of the can to protect it from corrosion. Any damage on the side seam is considered a major defect in cans — unprotected side seam causes extreme damage like can leakage and worse, product recall due to customer complaints!

The IS670 is best installed after the lacquering station or before the curing station. Once installed, can makers are guaranteed that the side seam of the cans is fully protected all the time. It works on all kinds of lacquers including transparent and colored ones.

The sensor also detects twin welded can bodies with configurable output pulse width and delay for PLC settings. (Email [email protected] for more details)


  • Self-adjusting and self-calibrating, fully automatic re-calibration
  • No controller needed
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Circuit resistant to shock, vibration, and humidity
  • Compact and narrow for convenient installation
  • Provides reject signal if the lacquer is detected
  • Gives heartbeat signal to ensure equipment is fully operational
  • Configurable output pulse width and delay for PLC settings
  • Configurable High and Low-Frequency Reject warnings for quality assurance metrics


ASK US HOW TODAY. For more information about Innosen and its products, visit www.innosen.com or contact us at [email protected]

The IS670 Missing Side Seam Lacquer Detector will be available to canmakers worldwide by March 2023


Missing Side Seam Lacquer Detector IS670

Detects missing outer lacquer, incomplete or non-lacquered gap on the side seams of 3pc cans.

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IS670 Missing Side Seam Lacquer Detector


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