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Why do your rivets need to be enamel-rated?

Published: November 2023

Rivets are at risk of de-inking due to the filling and autoclaving/sterilizing.

This is because it is often in the rivet that the risk of de-inking is seen due partly to the fact that filling and autoclaving/sterilizing happens with the lid facing down. It is also in the rivet area that most of the machining of materials happens.

Most, if not all, enamel raters on the market today can only test the integrity of the entire lid and are unable to focus just on the rivet area of an easy-open end.  Enamel rating the entire lid means it is almost impossible to pinpoint the exact location of the defect.

Customers state that the quality of the rivet has to be judged visually by the operators by looking at the “blueing level” or blue coloring level in the rivet. This is done by covering the lid with a liquid that turns blue in the spots where metal exposure is present.

Innosen’s IS9025 EOE Rivet Adapter for Enamel Rater is the only tool that can measure the coating porosity of the tiny “rivet area” on an easy open end. This allows end-makers to enaml rate only the most important area of an end.


IS9025 EOE Rivet Adapter for Enamel Rater

The IS9025 is built to last, with unique engineered plastic, stainless steel, and titanium used throughout, making it corrosion-proof in harsh enamel rating environment. The top plate is magnetically attached for quick and trouble-free interchange. Customers can also request custom top plates made to their specifications.


Other add-ons to this product are:

IS9021 Vacuum Generator and IS9023 Automatic Vacuum Control to help protect against spillage of electrolyte.

  • Automatic voltage compensation for better accuracy and repeatability
  • Automatic vacuum control for ease of use and prevention of RSI (repetitive strain injury)


IS9025 with Rivet Image with pointers

EOE Rivet Adapter for Enamel Rater IS9025

Specially designed for measuring the coating porosity of the tiny “rivet area” of an easy-open end (EOE).

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