by Niña Munoz, Marketing Executive
Updated: July 1, 2023

Understanding your equipment and your process is needed in producing quality products. In a UV curing process, understanding how the equipment works, the changes it undergoes and the right time to conduct equipment maintenance is very important, especially if your goal is to improve the efficiency of your current process.

Is your UV curing process optimized? Do you want to improve production/product quality without the risk of spoilage? If you answered yes to both of these questions, all the more you need to read on.

How does understanding my UV process help me save money?

When you have a good understanding of your UV process, you are assured that the cure quality of your product will always be in the acceptable measurement range. This will reduce the risk of unwanted spoilage and customer complaints. You will also be able to properly plan your maintenance schedule so that unplanned downtime may be prevented.

Other savings:

  • Electricity costs that’s brought about by timely maintenance
  • Reduces lamp replacement costs
  • You can increase the line speed, thus, producing more products
  • Prevents down time

How does understanding my UV process help me save time?

By understanding your UV process, you can schedule your maintenance on time. When you understand your process, you’ll be able to focus on the equipment that needs maintenance, giving you control when to conduct the maintenance it needs.

Understanding your UV process helps you avoid maintenance during your busy time!

Other benefits:

  • Maintenance is always scheduled, therefore, there will be no unexpected downtime
  • Reduced time figuring out what’s wrong or what’s not working in your process
  • You can plan a course of action on what to do when something fails because you are actively monitoring your process

How do I improve production quality by understanding my UV process?

In order to maintain and improve the quality of the curing process and the cured products, UV oven performance must be constantly monitored. Several factors affect cure performance:

  • Lamp (ageing, dirty)
  • Reflectors (discolouration, dirty, wrong position)
  • Line speed (higher line speed)
  • Thickness of curing material on the substrate
  • Type and colour of curing material (some colours require more UV light to cure)
  • Age of curing material
  • Type of substrate
  • UV lamp type

So how do you gain insights about these?

You need a tool to show you what happens inside your UV oven!

  • Information about your oven’s power and energy
  • Individual lamps and/or individual UV bands
  • Graphical data of the measurements
    • You need graphs to be able to know how to correct a faulty oven. A logger without graphing will only tell you that oven is wrong but it gives you no clue as to what to do to correct it.

What does Innosen offer?


IS310 UV Logger

  • Reading of Power in Watts and Energy in Joules
  • Readings for each individual lamp in various ovens (up to 9 lamps!)
  • FREE data analysis software
  • Small as a credit card, it will be able to enter even the smallest openings!
  • Very low cost yet efficient!
  • Indication of percentage degradation per lamp
  • GRAPHICAL DATA: Has information on
    • Vertical and horizontal focus
    • Reflector quality
    • Lamp current/ageing



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