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7 Ways to Improve Your Coating Measurement Process

by Niña Muñoz
published: February 8, 2021

  1. Check and replace probe tips regularly. Depending on use, every 4 to 6 weeks, or sooner if a lot of tests are being done.
  1. If using a Hoverprobe, park it at a specified corner of the test bed and ensure that it rests on a similar material to the specimen under test i.e, a square, flat, coated, sheet. This helps the tip to settle in a steady state. Never park the Hoverprobe on a cloth or a mouse mat.

3. REMOVE stray capacitance. You may do so by: connecting the crocodile clips to the specimen under test then zero the probe to re-calibrate to your lacquer standard. Refer to the gauge user manual for instructions on how to carry out these functions. If the size of the test price changes, it is advisable to remove stray capacitance again.

  1. Make sure the cables and connections are always in good condition with the cables not coiled.  You should do this to minimize stray capacitance build up.
  1. Clean the probe tip of the Hoverprobe everyday by wiping with a dry, lint free cloth. Alternatively, place a sheet of clean plain white paper between the calipers or under the Hoverprobe, and pull it out by hand. These methods ensure good tip contact to the test piece.
  1. Do not miss your annual calibrations. This gives Innosen the opportunity to check in on your gauge to ensure your equipment performs at peak capability at all times.
  1. Use a filter in-line with the air supply to protect the Hoverprobe air vents from being blocked by particles. NEVER drill the holes in the Hoverprobe to make them bigger. This will permanently ruin your probe beyond economic repair.


Hoverprobe IS9650

Test coating thickness on flat sheets with world class R&R.

Hoverprobe IS9650

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