Are Unlacquered Sheets Damaging your DRD Tooling?

Uncoated or partially coated sheets can cause blunting of tooling in a DRD press. Almost the same thing will happen if coating is placed twice on the same side instead of one coating on each side. Undetected, these faults can also cause problems for the brand owners as uncoated cans corrode badly.

In this case, quality of products is compromised, resulting to either customer complaints, loss of integrity and at the very least a pile up of excess metal scrap— all of these amount to unnecessary cost that could be prevented.

Innosen’s line of lacquer sensors are designed to prevent these serious problems, making it simple and easy to identify these faults early on.

The Missing Lacquer Detector inspects metal sheets on the production line and sends a signal once it detects uncoated or partials coated sheets on the line. The Inverted Can Detector, on the other hand, identifies cans or blanks with lacquer placed on the wrong side. From the warning signals, operator is informed of the defects so that they don’t reach other parts of the process, causing further problems.

Both sensors are self-adjusting and self-calibrating so there is no need for operator intervention. When a changeover occurs, the sensor automatically learns the new lacquer characteristics. Both sensors can also be used to detect clear lacquer /varnishes (IS631/IS651 variants).

End problems with coating and lacquer now. Learn more about the Inverted Blank Detector and Missing Lacquer Detector.


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