Universal Light Tester Package


High speed detection of pinholes, split flanges and cracked domes


  • Improved reliability and stability
  • No degradation of sensitivity over time
  • Reduced spoilage
  • Increased speed capability
  • Reduced maintenance & running costs
  • Long life expectancy
  • Improved product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Improved machine information
  • Fault diagnostic facilities
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Single solid state electronic detector system
Official Sencon Product
Universal Light Tester Package  ULTP

Fitted on latest OEM neckers and light testers worldwide

This high performance tester upgrade kit is designed to be installed on a Reynolds RT5 / RT6™ light tester. At the heart of the RT5 or RT6 light tester is the light detector head. The standard analog photomultiplier system will degrade over time, requiring either constant adjustment or regular replacement. Sencon can replace this unit with a solid state electronics pack which, together with a simplified lighting system.

* Reynolds RT5 and RT6 trademarks are owned by the Stolle Machinery Company LLC

Two upgrade paths are available:

Standard Upgrade ULTP

The standard upgrade package uses six commercially available, long-life automotive headlamps and a quartz-halogen lamp. Replacing lamps and cleaning the detector lens are the only scheduled maintenance tasks. Adjusting system sensitivity is not necessary. Machine adjustments are typically made only during installation, whereas standard electronics must be adjusted at least once per shift.

  • Improved machine information
  • Fault diagnostic facilities
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Simpler solid state electronic detector system
  • Totally replaces old photo multiplier system
Standard Upgrade ULTP

LED illumination – new installations or upgrade

The more advanced LED Upgrade Package offers further performance enhancements by installing an LED lighting array as an alternative to halogen lamps. The LED illuminator is even better matched to the sensitivity of the detectors. In addition, the detector head and the processor have been redesigned to operate at higher speed.

  • Increased detection sensitivity.
  • Reduced maintenance frequency – further minimizes downtime.
  • 30% reduction in energy.
  • Increased throughput.
  • Improved resolution of the blow-off control
  • Removal of the in-feed lamp.
  • LED array matched to can size.
  • New detector head matched to LED light source.
  • New processor card with higher speed capability.
LED illumination - new installations or upgrade

“Flash Control” for improved system efficiency

The faster on-off switching possible with LEDs has enabled the inclusion of a proprietary “Flash Control” function that switches off the LEDs if the detectors are flooded with too much light due to a damaged can or an empty pocket. This prevents the detectors from being blinded, eliminating the need for recovery time before inspecting the next can.

A range of options is available for the LED upgrade, depending on the system already installed.