Coil Lacquer Presence Detector


Prevents tool damage on conntinuous coil fed presses with on-line protection against unlacquered areas on pre-coated coil stock

Works with all coloured lacquers / varnishes and with clear / transparent varnishes

Coil Lacquer Presence Detector


  • Self-adjusting, self-calibrating
  • Reject signal for missing lacquer to ensure action can be taken to prevent uncoated material entering the press
  • Heartbeat signal guarantees the sensor is always working, guarding your equipment and reputation

One of the problems with pre-coated coils is that patches of uncoated metal can occur during the production process. They are not visible as the coil unwinds into the press.

Without the lubricating effect of the coating, tooling is quickly blunted or damaged. This leads to unplanned downtime to replace tools plus the extra cost burden from reduced tooling life, extra spoilage and potential customer complaints.

The IS691 is designed to fit between the uncoiler and the press, continuously monitoring the coil for uncoated sections. When an uncoated section of a sheet is detected, a warning signal is output. This can be used to initiate a preventative action such as stopping the press.

Once fitted, the unique IS691 Coil Lacquer Presence Detector provides peace of mind as well as reduced downtime. Three or more sensors can be used depending on the width of the coil. The second set of opposing sensors can be used for double-sided coated coil stock.

coil lacquer presence installed


  • Self-adjusting and self-calibrating, therefore no need for operator intervention.
  • Detects when a changeover occurs and learns the characteristics of the new lacquer.
  • Reject signal for missing lacquer to initiate user-defined response

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