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Setting the Gold Standard With Standard Can

by Niña Munoz, Marketing Executive
Published: October 13, 2018

About our Partner

Standard Can is one of the largest producers of cans in Thailand. With more than 60 years of can making experience, Standard Can has truly established the standards of can making with their world-class quality products. Their commitment to using the latest metal packaging technologies has undeniably made them reliable in producing safe, durable and superior packaging choices.

Partners in Quality

If there’s one thing that Standard Can and Innosen have in common, that would be quality.

As one of the largest metal can distributors in Asia, Standard Can highly values quality assurance. Innosen has been a proud partner of Standard Can for 20 years, ensuring that all products being distributed are safe and in their best condition. Innosen does not just aim to produce quality products but increased efficiency and tool durability. Our quality and innovative sensors have been helping Standard Can employees double their productivity without doubling their efforts.

Sensors that sense your needs

We sense the problem even before it enters the scene.

Innosen’s IS415 Sheet Skew Measurement System has helped Standard Can prevent sheet lacquering problems to occur during production. Being one of the most important steps in can making, proper sheet lacquering is a priority in the production. Proper sheet position leads to proper lacquer application — and the IS415 has made proper sheet positioning effortless for Standard Can.

The IS9650 Hoverprobe has also been an aid for Standard Can in reducing cost by measuring their sheets’ lacquer thickness. But that’s just some of the few things that made our partnership even stronger.

Finishing Touches

It’s not easy to be the best in the world of innovation. There’s always a need to improve and a room to fill with breakthroughs. Standard Can and Innosen are not just partners in quality; we share one purpose — that is to provide expert metal packaging solutions.

Products in use



Detects skewed or rotated sheets to avoid…



Measure flat sheets’ coating thickness…


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