About the Company

Innosen develops and manufactures cost-effective sensors and quality control equipment for 3-pc canmakers worldwide.


We believe in providing only the best solutions for our clients.

With more than 17 years of experience in the canmaking industry, we believe in constantly building relationships with our clients worldwide. We value what our clients value.

We believe in innovation.

At Innosen, we design and develop products that are flexible enough to adapt to the constantly changing demands of the market. We always set the bar a notch higher in order to provide quality products that suit our clients’ needs.

We believe that solutions should be easily accessible.

Our offices are located in various locations all over the globe, making the best solutions readily available to the most important people in the world: Our customers

We believe in delivering trusted quality.

Only the very best is good enough. We use world class standards to design our products, constantly striving to create not just competent, but premium products. We also act as a reseller for another world renowned and trusted brand, Sencon. Originally part of Sencon’s 3-pc division, we still sell and service their products particularly those that cater to the 3-pc canmaking industry in selected parts of the world.

We believe that impossibility is an opportunity and always welcome new challenges.

We like challenging ourselves not only by excelling in what we do but in surpassing it every time. For us, no request is too big or too small. We happily take up challenges and constantly work our way to coming up with innovative solutions for your problems—no matter how simple, no matter how complex.

At Innosen, it’s as simple as believing that it’s always CAN Do.

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