Online Wet Film Weight / Thickness Gauge


Non-contact measurement of wet film weight on lacquered plate right at the coater

Improves line and plant profitability


  • Improved efficiency through faster make ready times
  • Reduced lacquer consumption, rapid payback
  • Better product quality, fewer customer complaints
  • Non – contact system produces less scrap
  • Customer configurable limits
  • Wear parts guaranteed for five years
  • Very easy to install and run
  • Icon based interface, multi – language help (including Mandarin)
Official Sencon Product
Online Filmweight SC8800

Works with gold, white and clear lacquers

For other lacquer types please contact Sencon to discuss suitability

Online Filmweight SC8800

What customers are saying

“Significant savings in coatings usage and setup time have been made with the Sencon Wet Film Weight Gauge. The system is easy for operators and gives them confidence they are doing the right thing.”

King Can

“Instead of set up taking about an hour, we can start production immediately using the Sencon system”

Xiamen Jiyuan Enterprise Co. Ltd

“Supplying product that is resistant to aggressive contents inside the can is very important for our reputation. Since installing the Sencon Wet Film Weight Gauge we have been able to guarantee the quality of the sheets to our end customers because the SC8800 ensures that the film weight is very stable”.

Taicang Zhongyang Metal Printing Co. Ltd

Improved Efficiency

By removing the need to pass sheets through the oven before measuring film weight, make ready times can be significantly reduced. More time will therefore be available for production, so improving line and plant profitability.

Reduced Lacquer Waste

Instant feedback on the effect of adjustments gives operators the confidence to optimize the coater setup to achieve the minimum film weight without risking customer complaint. Yet wasteful over-application will be eliminated, saving on expensive coating costs.

Better Product Quality

Alarm outputs from the system will provide immediate warning of film weight problems. Immediate correction can then be made, saving downtime and spoilage while maintaining product quality.

Less Scrap

All measurements are taken without touching the sheet, further reducing scrap as sheets are saved from handling damage.


Wet Film Weight Gauge twin head installation


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